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Natural oils and plant esters

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Natural products for cosmetics

The roots of production for the cosmetics industry lie in the experience of A&A Fratelli Parodi in the sector of refined natural oils and plant esters.

Guaranteed and certified products

The company has know-how obtained over its many years of operation and works constantly to supply products that are guaranteed and certified in terms of both sourcing of the raw materials and compliance with standards.

A&A Fratelli Parodi analyses the analytical and chemical-physical parameters of the finished products and issues the related official documentation, including the technical data sheets, the specifications of origin of the raw materials used, the chemical-physical characteristics and the absence of micro-contamination.

This all serves to guarantee compliance with the highest standards and to protect the customer against any type of decline in performance.

A highly controlled and sustainable supply chain

The company adopts procedures in line with internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

In addition to the certifications, the work of the laboratory allows the company to identify stable and impurity-free solutions based on natural esters.

Direct sourcing of the raw materials also allows the company to guarantee maximum quality and efficacy, thanks to a highly controlled and sustainable supply chain.

Products for cosmetics:

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