Our solutions

Natural lubricants, oils, esters and chemicals for industry

The hallmarks of all our solutions are extremely high quality, performance and innovation, thanks to the use of natural resources and genuinely sustainable practices.

The company and the strength of a solid group

We have been studying and applying genuinely sustainable solutions since 1955.

one of our core values

In the pursuit of innovation, the company has invested in technologies and equipment that have allowed it to add processing of plant esters alongside processing of natural oils and thus obtain sustainable solutions.

Green Chemistry
and processing of natural oils

The company has been refining vegetable oils and developing animal by-products at its Campomorone plant in Genoa since 1955. However, the Parodi family also soon introduced new methods and products, the result of a philosophy based on a ground-breaking use of Green Chemistry.

Innovative Projects

A&A Fratelli Parodi is involved in innovative European projects in the field of circular economy, co-funded by the European Union in the frame of the LIFE programme.

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