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esters with very low residual alcohol

A&A Fratelli Parodi Spa has developed a special technology that guarantees the elimination of residual alcohol.

Vegetable-based esters are obtained from the condensation of a fatty acid and an alcohol (typically 2-ethylhexanol, isodecanol and isotridecanol). The process usually involves the alcohol being in excess. After the reaction is finished, the alcohol residues are removed from the finished product. The presence of alcohol results in a lower flash point and gives the product a distinctive odour, a possible cause of disconfort and of potential sensitization in workers.The removal of alcohol raises the flash point and partially solves the problem of odour under normal conditions of use.

Residual alcohol concentrations of around 1% give the product a distinctive odour. When the concentration is around 2000 ppm (0.2%), the ester is nearly odourless at room temperature but may release the alcohol in operating con- ditions that involve an increase in temperature or processing stress. The alcohol vapours can become concentrated in the workplace and thus constitute a potential cause of discomfort, onset of allergy or sensitization. A more stringent removal lowers the risk of potential sensitization due to alcohol vapours or accidental contact of the product with skin.

This technology enables us to produce completely odourless lubricant esters and industrial fluids with an upper residue limit of 100 ppm. The typical value is around 50 ppm. With this technology, A.&A. Fratelli Parodi Spa products are odourless and do not release residual alcohol even in high-temperature applications.

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