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Innovation, respect for the environment and continous product improvements are our responses to meet the market demands. This is why we chose to study and quantify the environmental sustainability of our products and processes.
The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a widely recognized tool to assess from an environmental perspective costs and benefits of products and services.
In particular, the determination of the Carbon Footprint (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent CO2 eq. for functional unit) quantifies the impact on the greenhouse effect of products and processes throughout their life cycle. The Carbon Footprint is therefore a synthetic and meaningful index to monitor the achievement of sustainability goals and to quantify the CO2 credits that environmental policies can generate.
We have performed, in collaboration with CE.Si.SP (Centre for Development of Products Sustainability), University of Genoa, a Carbon Footprint Study for the life cycle of products based on vegetable oils, used as hydraulic fluids and metal hardening, compared with those of mineral oils used for the same applications.Through this study we are now able to quantify in the invoice to our customers the CO2 savings associated with the use of our vegetable-based products, quantified in pounds (or tons) and proportional to the amount of purchased product.

This is a benefit for those who will replace mineral-based, non-renewable fluids with products from our range based on renewable resources

The evolution of this study will lead, in a second phase, to the ability to manage CO2 credits, generated throughout the production chain (including end of life), through the voluntary market credits (VERs).

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