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We are able to process speciality oil seeds. Low-temperature expeller-pressed crude oils are refined by means of bleaching, decolouring, deodorizing and winterizing.Higly stable oils, low in acid and peroxide valus, are finally packaged under inert nitrogen atmosphere. Quality Control Laboratory and Customer Service are ready to provide you with all required information on our Refined Vegetable Oils.
Application Fields: Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Industrial

(68 Records)
 Product name   Oil   Inci name 
PARYOL 207 AL/RApricot kernel oil - refinedprunus armeniaca kernel oil
PARYOL 627 AR/RArgan oil - refinedargania spinosa kernel oil
PARYOL 243 AV/RAvocado oil - refinedpersea gratissima oil
PARYOL 243 AW/RAvocado oil winterized - refinedpersea gratissima oil
PARYOL 637 BS/RBabassu Palm oil - refinedorbignya oleifera seed oil
PARYOL 602 RBS/RBlack currant seed oil - Ribes nigrum - refinedribes nigrum seed oil
PARYOL 448 BG/RBorage oil - refinedborago officinalis seed oil
PARYOL 616 BN/RBrazil Nut Oil - refinedbertholletia excelsa seed oil
PARYOL 618 CO/RCamellia oil - refinedcamellia oleifera seed oil
PARYOL 398 AN/RCashewnut oil - refinedanacardium occidentale seed oil
PARYOL 008 RC/FSGCastor oil - First Special Gradericinus communis seed oil
PARYOL 008 RC/R - PH. EUR.Castor oil - refinedricinus communis seed oil
PARYOL 194 CL/RCherry oil - refinedprunus avium seed oil
PARYOL 455 BC/RCocoa butter - refinedtheobroma cacao seed butter
PARYOL 452 OC/RCocoa oil (fractionated)- refinedtheobroma cacao seed extract
PARYOL 507 CC/R PH. EU.Coconut oil (Ph. Eu.) - refinedcocos nucifera oil
PARYOL 507 CC/RCoconut oil - refinedcocos nucifera oil
PARYOL 231 M/RCorn oil - refinedzea mays oil
PARYOL 231 MS/RCorn oil - refinedzea mays oil
PARYOL 619 CTN/RCotton seed oil - refinedgossypium herbaceum seed oil
PARYOL 6137 EKUMEchium seed oilechium plantagineum seed oil
PARYOL 475 EP/REvening primrose oil - Onagre - refinedoenothera biennis oil
PARYOL MCT 15Fractionated coconut oilcaprylic/capric/lauric triglyceride
PARYOL MCT 2Fractionated coconut oilcaprylic/capric triglyceride
PARYOL MCT 10Fractionated coconut oilcaprylic/capric/lauric triglyceride
PARYOL 6120 GF/RGrapefruit oil (fractionated) - refinedcitrus grandis seed oil
PARYOL 325 VN/RGrapeseed oil - refinedvitis vinifera seed oil
PARYOL 262 NL/RHazelnut oil - refinedcorylus avellana seed oil
PARYOL 317 CA/RHemp seed oil- refinedcannabis sativa seed oil
PARYOL 6129 IL/RIllipè Butter- refinedshorea stenoptera seed butter
PARYOL 333 JBJojoba oil (Golden type)simmondsia chinensis seed oil
PARYOL 333 JB/RJojoba oil - refinedsimmondsia chinensis seed oil
PARYOL 229 KK/RKukui oil - refinedaleurites moluccana seed oil
PARYOL 014 LN/RLinseed oil (Flax)- refinedlinum usitatissimum seed oil
PARYOL 255 MC/RMacadamia oil - refinedmacadamia integrifolia seed oil
PARYOL 468 MG/RMango butter - refinedmangifera indica seed butter
PARYOL 628 MGO/RMango pulp oil (fractionated)- refinedmangifera indica seed oil
PARYOL 622 NE/Gneem oil - unrefinedmelia azadirachta seed oil
PARYOL 165 OL/ROlive Oil - refinedolea europaea fruit oil
PARYOL 6134 OSO/ROrange seed oil (winterized) - refinedcitrus aurantium dulcis seed oil
PARYOL 607 PF/RPassion fruit seed oil - refinedpassiflora edulis seed oil
PARYOL 326 PS/RPeach kernel oil - refinedprunus persica kernel oil
PARYOL 6165 PN/R - PH. EU.Peanut oil (Ph. Eur.) - refinedarachis hypogaea oil
PARYOL 501 PC/RPecan nut oil - refinedcarya illinoensis seed oil
PARYOL 624 PE/RPerilla oil - refinedperilla ocymoides seed oil
PARYOL 624 PE/GPerilla oil - unrefinedperilla ocymoides seed oil
PARYOL 341 PP/RPoppy seed oil - refinedpapaver orientale seed oil
PARYOL 634 ZC/RPumpkin seed oil- refinedcucurbita pepo seed oil
PARYOL 091 CZ/RRapeseed oil - refinedbrassica campestris seed oil
PARYOL 568 RS/RRice Bran oil - refinedoryza sativa bran oil
PARYOL 568 RS/RWRice Bran oil - refined - winterizedoryza sativa bran oil
PARYOL 354 RM/RRosa Mosqueta oil (Musk rose oil) - refinedrosa moschata seed oil
PARYOL 299 CT/OSafflower seed oil (high oleic)carthamus tinctorius seed oil
PARYOL 299 CT/RSafflower seed oil - refinedcarthamus tinctorius seed oil
PARYOL 181 SM/RSesame seed oil - refinedsesamum indicum seed oil
PARYOL 218 BK/RShea butter - refinedbutyrospermum parkii butter
PARYOL 312 K/RShea oil - refinedbutyrospermum parkii oil
PARYOL 003 SJ/RSoybean oil - refinedglycine soja oil
PARYOL 003 SJ/R PH EURSoybean oil - refined (Ph. Eur.)glycine soja oil
PARYOL 286 GS/AOSunflower oil (high oleic acid)helianthus annuus hybrid oil
PARYOL 286 GS/RSunflower oil - refinedhelianthus annuus seed oil
PARYOL 480 MR - PH. EU.Sweet Almond Oil (Ph. Eur.) - refinedprunus amygdalus dulcis oil
PARYOL 480 MRSweet Almond Oil - refinedprunus amygdalus dulcis oil
PARYOL 643 TM/RTamanu oil - refinedcalophyllum tacamahaca seed oil
PARYOL 046 RC/FUVirgin Castor oil - Ph. Eur.ricinus communis seed oil
PARYOL 321 NC/RWalnut Oil - refinedjuglans regia seed oil
PARYOL 615 AN/RWatermelon seed oil - refinedcitrullus lanatus seed oil
PARYOL 285 G/RWheat Germ Oil - refinedtriticum vulgare germ oil

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