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Quenching revolution
Paryol bioTemproil® is purposely formulated to achieve a full workers' safety and minimize environmental impact: unlike most quenching media on the market, based on fluids of mineral origin, bioTemproil® is a fully biodegradable natural product, obtained from the expression of vegetal raw materials, able to achieve top-level performances.cooling curve biotemproil 2

Una tipica curva di raffreddamento in Paryol bioTemproil®


Paryol bioTemproil® has a high stability during use, and its resistance against thermal shocks are ensured by its very high flash and fire points. Its peculiar behaviour allows to reach best mechanical characteristics on a high range of steels, reducing deformation and avoiding cracking phenomena. Moreover, its cooling rate control during the quenching process allows to treat every kind of piece, both in shape and dimension.    

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