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Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP), already into force since 2010 for substances, will be applied to mixtures as well on the 1st of june 2015. Mixtures treated to date according to the criteria of Directive 1999/45/EC, will have to be classified, labelled and packaged exclusively according to the new criteria set by the Regulation.

GHS-pictogram-silhouete smallAspiration toxicity, Category 1 - H304, is an important new hazard category to be highlighted, avoidable thanks to the use of our range of esters:
mixtures containing hydrocarbons (in turn classified as H304) with concentration >= 10%, and with cinematic viscosity < 20.5 mm2/s a 40°C must be regarded as if they cause human aspiration toxicity hazard, and  must be labelled with the H304 hazard phrase and the GHS08 hazard pictogram. 
This classification is due to the fact that hydrocarbons in lungs can cause chemical pneumonitis, potentially mortal. 

Many hydrocarbons can be substituted by esters with analogous performances, that can be thus find application in special mixtures. This way, by eliminating hydrocarbons from mixtures, it is possible to obtain products with analogous (or even better) performances but without the need of the H304 hazard classification.

Specialized technicians at A&A Fratelli Parodi offer to their customers their experience to avoid the H304 classification, thanks to the substitution of hydrocarbons with esters with analogous performance in their mixtures.

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