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From June the 22nd to July the 3rd 2020 the virtual event Electrical Insulation Conference – EIC 2020, issued by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) will be hosted at https://ieee-eic.org/. Important results of a study concerning Paryol Electra 7426 will be presented.

In the framework of an Institutional Group promoted by University of Roma "La Sapienza", the Italian National Firefighters Authority, the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) and the Department for Geological Survey of Italy (ISPRA), several comparative smoke tests were conducted on natural esters (Paryol Electra 7426) and mineral dielectric fluids. In the same time a LCA study was conducted on natural esters.

The results proved that:

  • Natural esters (PARYOL ELECTRA 7426) by burning produce less pollutants that mineral oil.
  • Natural esters (PARYOL ELECTRA 7426) have a smaller environmental impact compared to mineral oils. vegetable oil has a lower impact
    Considering only the GHG emissions (GPW) "from cradle to grave", the use of vegetable oil in transformers makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

The study can be downloaded here.



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