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PARYOL NEODERM OPethylhexyl palmitateemollient, fragrance ingredient, skin conditioning agent
PARYOL IPMisopropyl myristatebinding, emollient, perfuming, skin conditioning, solvent
PARYOL IPPisopropyl palmitateantistatic, binding, emollient, perfuming, skin conditioning, solvent
PARYOL NEODERM OSethylhexyl stearateemolient, skin conditioning
PARYOL COCOIL 2ethylhexyl cocoateemollient, skin conditioning agent
PARYOL IPOisopropyl oleatebinding, emollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL OLEIL 2ethylhexyl oleateemollient, skin conditioning agent
PARYOL EMOLLethylhexyl palmitate / ethylhexyl stearate / ethylhexyl cocoate / isopropyl myristateemollient
PARYOL LAUSIL 2ethylhexyl cocoateemollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL DOSdiethylhexyl sebacateemollient, film forming, masking, plasticizer, solvent
PARYOL N23butyl stearateemollient, masking, skin conditioning
PARYOL I23isobutyl stearateemolient, skin conditioning
PARYOL MMmyristyl myristateemollient, opacifying, skin conditioning
PARYOL S23stearyl stearateemollient, skin conditioning, viscosity controlling
PARYOL 10 DOdecyl oleateindustrial: cutting fluid, cosmetics: emolient, skin conditioning agent
PARYOL CETPALcetyl palmitateemollient, masking, skin conditioning
PARYOL ISAVisostearyl avocadateemolient, skin conditioning
PARYOL BIOS 99isononyl isononanoateantistatic, emollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL MIRISTIL 8-12octyldodecyl myristateemollient
PARYOL COTcetyl ethylhexanoateemollient
PARYOL ISI 18isostearyl isostearatebinding, emollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL ERUCOLoleyl erucateemollient
PARYOL BIOS 105isodecyl neopentanoateemollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL ITSisotridecyl stearateemollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL NEODERM SI 16isocetyl stearateemollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL NEODERM PTISpentaerythrityl tetraisostearate emollient, emulsifying, surfactant
PARYOL TMC 810TCaprylic/capric tryglicerideemollient, emulsifying, skin conditioning
PARYOL IPLisopropyl lauratebinding, emollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL DIDA Sdiisodecyl adipateemollient, plasticizer, skin conditioning, solvent
PARYOL DOAdiethylhexyl adipateemollient, plasticizer, skin conditioning, solvent
PARYOL IS 90isostearyl lactateemollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL 125 ABC12-15 alkyl benzoateantimicrobial, emollient, skin conditioning
PARYOL TMA 8triethylhexyl trimellitateemollient, plasticizer, skin conditioning
PARYOL MTLmenthyl lactate / mentholmasking, refreshing

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